Hi, my name is Victoria and I was raised in the Bay Area of California.

Blue Dress

Photographer: Artistic Solace (Wing Lee)

I’ve been modeling on and off since 2012 and have now picked up a new passion which happens to be acting. My long-term passions include drawing, writing, reading and singing. I am an artistic, creative, passionate person and I enjoy things that are on the weird side.

I don’t know who I am overall but I think I know who I am sometimes depending on the hour. I am very friendly and caring once past the awkward greetings. I am a Scorpio with a personality INFJ/INTJ.

I am a young writer who is discovering myself past the confinements of my upbringing. Hopefully you will enjoy taking a peek into my mind from my blogs. I welcome all my viewers to have an open mind as I am still learning through my experiences.

I tend to change my “about me” sections every couple of  months so feel free to check in now and then.

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1 thought on “About”

  1. Sometimes you might forget that you have posted a particular subject or thing
    from before. Blogging has become the venue
    where random thoughts are expressed are shared with many people.

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